Buying Real Estate in Newark & Granville, OH?

Buying Real Estate in Newark & Granville, OH?

We offer home inspection services in Granville, Newark, Heath, Johnstown, Pataskala, New Albany, Westerville, and Gahanna.

Buying real estate should be an investment, not a gamble. Mitigate your risks with Bear Property Inspections. Our home inspection services will give you a thorough overview of a pre-owned property before you buy.

Buying new? We offer new construction home inspection services, too.

Call our office in Granville, OH today to find out what type of home inspection services will serve you best.

Prevent problems with a pre-purchase home inspection

If you're buying or selling a home, a pre-purchase home inspection can save you time and money. The last thing you want is to discover a problem just before you close on the sale. Reach out to Bear Property Inspections today. Our services include:

  • Pre-purchase property inspection
  • New construction property inspection
  • Investment property inspection
  • Pre-listing property inspection
  • Warranty inspection

Buy or sell with confidence by scheduling your pre-purchase home inspection today.

Our 400+ Point Inspections Include:

•Roof, Vents, Flashings and Trim

•Gutters and Downspouts

•Skylight, Chimney, and Other Roof Penetrations

•Decks, Stoops, Porches, Walkways and Railings

•Eaves, Soffits and Fascia

•Grading and Drainage

•Basement, Foundation and Crawlspace

•Water Penetration and Foundation Movement

•Heating System

•Cooling System

•Main Water Shut-off Valve

•Water Heating System

•Interior Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets

•Drainage Sump Pumps with Accessible Floats

•Electrical Service Line and Meter Box

•Main Disconnect and Service Amperage

•Electrical Panel(s), Breakers and Fuses

•Grounding and Bonding

•GFCIs and AFCIs

•Fireplace Damper Door and Hearth

•Insulation and Ventilation

•Garage Doors, Safety Sensors and Openers